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"Sean Wilcox at The BBC is exactly that---the BEST! With his calm demeanor and knowledge he was able to teach me in two hours what someone else couldn’t explain in nearly twenty hours. I had the reassurance that any mistakes I made in QuickBooks could be corrected. Sean is always available for questions, completes things in a timely manner, and BEST of all he always has a smile and a kind word. I am confident in his abilities to handle all our business and personal financial matters. Thank you Sean and The BBC."

Moyle Automotive, Inc.
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TV/Radio Commercials and Video Production
Our established team of audio/video professionals stands ready to create your next commercial, infomercial, YouTube or website video or anything else you may need to take your business to the next level. If we do not have the resources to complete your project in-house, we can assist you with hiring and managing a custom production team that will fit your needs.

Our marketing department has established relationships with many talent agencies and major U.S. content providers to put your next commercial on the air.

Please, contact us for further details.